Friday, June 25, 2010

Chris Bosh cut his hair, hasn't talked to LeBron about free agency

I have a feeling that this is going to be a very strange and confusing summer. With all these free agents free agenting around, things are going to get wacky. We'll hear so many crazy rumors and scenarios that even the most outlandish will seem reasonable. "Oh, LeBron James(notes), Dwyane Wade(notes) and Brad Miller(notes) all agreed to take one-year deals to play together and win a title? Sure, why not!" It's going to be crazy. And because of that, people are going to be doing crazy things.

How do I know this to be true? It's already started to happen, because Chris Bosh(notes) cut off his dreadlocks prior to co-hosting "Mike and Mike in the Morning" Thursday on ESPN. Even stranger — he talked with actor Mickey Rourke about it in the lobby of a New York City hotel the night before. From the New York Post:
Mickey Rourke and Toronto Raptor Chris Bosh must have the same hairdresser. The actor and the NBA star were at the Waverly Inn raving over one another's newly shorn 'dos. [...] Bosh told Rourke that the heat and his free agency this summer inspired him to trim his trademark dreadlocks.
Cutting off your "trademark" hair when you're hoping to sell yourself to franchises as a marketable superstar is kind of strange. Having casual conversations with one of the craziest people in Hollywood about said haircut is even weirder. But pulling a Benjamin Button and choosing to look like the 19-year-old version of yourself is probably the weirdest of all. Or maybe Bosh's surprisingly small head being revealed once again after years of cloaking takes the weird cake. I'm not sure yet.
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Of course, because he's a free agent and this is 2010, Bosh was asked about his relationship with the other crown jewels of this summer's class. Breaking with his fellow stars, Bosh denied that the big-timers had been talking about their plans. From the Associated Press:
Bosh says he hasn't talked with other players yet about the plans for July 1, saying those discussions are only between his "friends and family" and that most of the principal parties involved in free agency are "keeping their secrets close."
He and Wade share the same agent, Chicago-based Henry Thomas, but added that he has not spoken to James about the looming process.
I must be mistaken with them statements that you make, because I was under the impression that Bosh, Wade and James were all best friends forever. I thought that was the whole point of why they were going to be talking this whole thing through. Seems like a convenient out to me.
You know what they say — never trust a man who grows dreadlocks for five years then cuts them off during the most important summer of his career. It's not the best saying, but I think it applies here.

source: yahoo sports

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