Monday, May 24, 2010

Word On The Street: Young Money Edition: Crips Waiting On Weezy; Baby's Fake Oil Company, & More

by The Chosen Few
From the look on Weezy's face, the head the Crips waiting for him in Rikers. I doubt any harm will be done to him, I expect him to be in PC the entire time.

Baby's Fradulent Oil Company:
In a recent Ozone interview, Birdman discussed his Oil Company, Broland which was formed with his brother Ronald and he says he's been getting money in the oil game for "four to five years" now. Weeelllllllll according to Bloomberg, the organization seems to be a sham.
"The address listed for Bronald with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission is a beachfront condominium in Florida. A New Orleans residence was listed for Bronald with the Louisiana Secretary of State. The Williams brothers are listed as Bronald’s officers in those filings. Regulators that handle oil and gas permits and operator licenses in Texas and Louisiana didn’t have records of Bronald’s existence; nor did Secretary of State offices in Texas and Florida."


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