Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trina Parties It Up With Kenyon & Addresses Nicki Minaj Beef

Trina also sat down with HoneyMag.com to discuss Nicki Minaj beef rumors and Kenyon Martin's tattoo lips:
People always say you and Nicki have beef.  What was your response to her last line in "5 Star Chick" when she says 'Ask Lil Wayne who the five-star bitch is'?
"There is no drama.  There has no reason to be no drama.  I've never done anything to her and she's never done anything to me.  Drama comes from conflict of interest.  I saw you in the street.  You said something I didn't like.  That's drama.  The rest of that is erroneous information.  As far as [Nicki Minaj's] verse - I was on the record first.  When I heard [Nicki's lyrics], that's how she feels.  Wayne is the CEO of the label that she's on and I guess that is her way of saying let him solidify to people that she's a five-star chick.  I did my verse being totally me who I am, just being me, and talking slick."
Who are the top five Female emcees/rappers?
"I'm going to say Lil' Kim.  I'm going to say Remy [Ma] because I love Remy.  I'll say Da Brat, MC Lyte.  I'll say me."
There has been a lot of talk about the line in the "My Chick Bad (Remix)" where you say he got the lips tattooed.  What was that about?
"No I say "so good make him wanna tattoo my lips on him."
Right!  Kenyon Martin actually talked about getting the lips tatted on his neck on a sports show.  How did you get him to do that?
"It was just one of those things that just happened.  We were just chilling, having a great time and Kenyon was getting tattooed and he wanted my lips.  So I basically kissed a piece of paper a bunch of different times and we chose one and it was done.  In five minutes it was over.  It was great.  I couldn't believe it.  I was like are you really about to get that?  And before I could get that little smile off my face - you know that blushing thing - it was done.  It was all over.  I was standing with the cheeks really big, smiling in awe and it was done.  I think it was a beautiful thing and I love them."
We love seeing you two together.  Where did you meet?
"We met three years ago at a foundation fundraiser.  It was something for Alonzo Mourning.  It was just one of those things.  We started talking and it just continued from that.  He's a great person."
A lot of the blogs are reporting that you two have broken up although you have not.  How do you deal with rumors?
"It's really hard to be private and to keep a relationship in this industry.  Just to find someone that ia great person and ya'll get along, to me that's a beautiful thing.  Outside of work, you need love.  You need compassion and someone who really supports and holds you down and loves you.  And I'm a relationship kind of person.  I'm a very girly girl.  I just love to be loved."

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