Friday, May 7, 2010

Rapper Drake Battles Alicia Keys In The "Unthinkable"

In this new age of technology, epic moments in music are an extreme rarity. With imitation and replica's becoming the status quo, it has become hard to actually feel the passion within music and know that artists truly put their hearts behind the rhythm of the melodies. The ability to craft a hit comes second nature to any great artist, but the ability to craft timeless music is a feat that many are unable to perform, regardless street credibility or the amount of records they have sold while in the industry.

Drizzy reveals how the process of creating the song initially started from battling back and forth with their favorite songs when he speaks about how the collaboration came together.

“They reached out and she said that she really wanted me to do something on her project, but she wanted me to do me, not do an Alicia Keys record. She gave me one of the best studio experiences of my life. I came in there, and instead of being like here's the beat get to work, she was like ‘Play me your favorite songs, and let's battle. You play me your favorite, I play you mine'. Everybody was in the studio and we started playing records. She doesn't drink, but we were drinking and it was turning into this heated party just loving music.”

The rapper goes on to tell how their chemistry made the work almost create itself, seeming effortless.

“The transition from great music to making a song, no one even noticed it. She just started playing the keys and I started writing melodies and we came up with a song that I think could be a really big record.”

“I wrote most of the record, she produced it, but it was a collaborate effort, everybody did their thing. That might be one of the best moments of my career, I love that song.”

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