Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rick Ross Covers The Source

The Miami native covers, The Source’s Summer Heat issue, and has a whole lot on his mind. MTV was able to get an excerpt from the June/July issue, in which the MC talks about his roots in other cities down bottom. Ross reveals that his mother is from Clarksdale, Mississippi, and that he was born in the region’s Coahoma County.
“I always felt in touch with my black side riding by cotton fields at 5, 6 years old, seeing big mills of cotton balls. I was always in touch with slavery, when I could recognize a palm tree at the same age,” added the rapper, who was raised in Florida. “I always respected my culture, my people.
Growing up in the streets of Miami, I saw different ways to escape a lot of conditions that I knew was around the corner in Mississippi. It always made me see the world from so many different aspects. I saw the fast life of Miami, but I also saw the slow countryside of a small, country town with a small population. I heard the struggles.”

When he’s not on the road promoting the Albert Anastasia mixtape or his upcoming album, Teflon Don, Ross is often in Atlanta. He opened up about why he spends so much time these days at his house in Georgia.

“Atlanta is a great place to resonate and meet a lot of producers,” he said. “It’s a great wealth of producers here, I believe more than any major city in the South. To really stay on top of your beats as an artist or make big moves — you should have a presence in Atlanta.” But Ross was quick to point out he hadn’t made a permanent relocation, telling the magazine, “I don’t live here. Miami is my primary spot. I own three studios and this is one of them.”
The new issue of The Source is a split cover; Ludacris has the other.


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