Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kelly Clears The Air on Beyonce “Beef”

Kelly Rowland recently sat down with Hip Hollywood and cleared the air on whether there is a riff between her and Beyonce:
“I do get a chance to see [Michelle and Beyonce], whenever we are all in the same place and we get a chance to hang out then we are definitely together and that feels really good. Because to have support is the most important thing as any friendship and that is where ours is just the same of any other friendship. No one will ever believe that ” No we don’t hate each other and we support each other and will be there for each other 100%”

Does that get on your nerves that the blogs say that she tries to drop videos when you do, what’s your response?
You know what, we all came out at the same time and I remember a time where everybody wanted us to come out at different times when it really doesn’t matter. I think there is room for everybody. The same way there is Bey, there is Ciara putting somthing out. There is Gaga putting something out but of course because we started together then people are going to say things like that. I really don’t care, I love her til our dying days and that’s all that counts”.
I’m glad she cleared that up because I was not convinced. I believe it has everything to do with Matthew Knowles and his “confidentiality agreements” but they don’t have to prove anything to me :-p
The last time Beyonce and Kelly were seen together publicly was last February at Kelly’s birthday party right after she announced she and Matthew Knowles were parting ways. I believe people really started questioning if they were still close when the two attended the NRJ awards in Cannes this year but didn’t take advantage of any “photo opps” however Beyonce has been very supportive of Michelle and vice versa as the two have been seen at each other’s events over the past few months.

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