Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nicki Minaj Responds To Gloria Velez Diss

By Jason Smith Yesterday video vixen Gloria Velez put out a Nicki Minaj diss record named “Roger Dat” remix. On the track, Velez called Minaj a b!tch and made fun of her rapping style.
Earlier today, Nicki tweeted a responds to the Velez disses. The Young Money rapper simple said, “Jealousy is a disease. Die Slow.”
Prior to the diss record, Gloria Velez said in a interview that Minaj’s career is a gimmick.
“She’s a good gimmick, like she has the right team behind her. That’s it, because if anybody else put her out or she was by herself, it would not pop off at all … no matter how much plasticsurgery or no matter how much injections in the butt. It’s not gonna happen. It’s a gimmick…Nah, I don’t like her music. Sorry. I can’t front…I like [Foxy Brown], I like Eve, I liked [Lil] Kim’s first album. I think it’s a gimmick. I don’t think it’s real rap.”
Nicki keep doing your thing. Don’t stoop to down to the haters’ levels. Your like on the moon right now! They’re still on earth hating!


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