Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BET Gives Ciara The Boot?

 Ciara's been making a lot of noise with her newest video, "Ride," featuring Ludacris. She's in the video doing a lot of grinding and risque' choreography, and it's been reported that her video has been removed from BET and they will no longer play it. It's not the first video they have not played by Ciara though.
According to Ciara's fan site:
Although fans were already skeptical about BET being the only network that had not premiered Ciara’s “Ride” video, it was not until last night that fans were TRULY enlightened.  During Ciara’s Ustream chat, Ciara’s grandma, Grandma Gladys let a “cat out of the bag”. Ironically, though many “non-family friendly” music videos have been shown on the channel in the past, “Ride” has not been accepted onto the network.


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